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End of Day Banking

Banking should be carried out at the end of each business day once the last customer has left the premises. This is to make checking credits and reconciliation with your bank statements easier.

If your acquirer has set a cut-off time for end-of-day banking, please note the following: To ensure that your statement totals balance, it is important that you carry out your End-of-Day Banking before the cut-off time set by your acquirer. For information regarding these times please contact Customer Services.

1. At the READY prompt, press the MENU button twice. The TOTALS option will be highlighted. Press the GREEN button and the TOTALS menu will be displayed.

2. Use the arrow buttons to view the available options and press the GREEN button when the End of Day option is
highlighted. You will then be asked to swipe the Supervisor Card or enter your Supervisor code.

3. Press the GREEN button to proceed.

4. You will now have the choice of selecting totals for ALL card types or selecting those card types you wish to bank.

5. Press the GREEN button to reconcile ALL card types and the terminal will contact each acquirer before printing the report or press the YELLOW button to select the acquirers you wish to reconcile.

Please Note: This screen will only be displayed if your terminal is set up with more than one acquirer.

6. You will now be shown a list of the individual acquirers. Press the GREEN button to reconcile an acquirer or press the YELLOW button if you do not want to reconcile a particular acquirer.

7. Once the desired acquirers have been selected, the terminal will dial the selected acquirers. You will be prompted to wait while the terminal prints a banking report.

8. After all acquirers have been banked, tear off the receipt and press the GREEN button. The terminal will return to the READY prompt.

Please note: If ‘Stored’ or ‘Session Totals Not Agreed’ is printed on your End-of-Day receipt, please
contact Customer Services.

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