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How to Change Paper Roll

1. Hold the terminal securely in one hand. With the other hand, and by using two fingers, lift the printer cover release as shown. Fully open the printer cover and remove the old roll of paper.

2. Unstick the end of the new roll. Leaving the end free, hold the paper roll and carefully place into the printer compartment.

3. Holding the free end of the paper and your terminal, close the printer cover carefully and push firmly until it locks.

4. While your terminal is displaying the idle screen, press and hold the YELLOW button to ensure that the paper feeds correctly. Only paper rolls that are 57mm wide and 40mm in diameter can be usedin your terminal. Attempting to fit rolls of a different size may damage your terminal.

Insuring the Terminal
Although you rent your terminal for a monthly charge it is strongly recommended that you insure the terminal against loss or damage to a value as recommended by your acquirer.

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