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Face-to-face transactions
From retailers and restaurant owners to taxi drivers and market traders, we offer a range of face-to-face card payment solutions to meet your specific business needs.

Terminal types

Countertop terminals
These terminals are designed for fast, secure and easy transactions. They are configured to be used through either telephone or broadband connections. These are best suited for businesses where payments are taken directly at your till, which is why they are an ideal model for most retail and service industries.

Mobile terminals
These terminals are designed for businesses that need to take payments on the move. Using GPRS ‘mobile broadband’ technology they can process transactions immediately from anywhere in Ireland. This is the ideal model for merchants who trade outdoors, on the go, or at various locations across the country.

Payments by mail or telephone order
A virtual terminal is an online version of a Chip & Pin machine. This payment solution provides your business with an easy way to accept and process payments when your customers are not present. It is an ideal solution for businesses who take payments by mail, phone or fax.

How the virtual terminal works
Getting started is a fast and simple process. There is no technical integration necessary. We provide you with a secure web page that acts as your Virtual Terminal. When taking a payment, simply log in online and key in your customer’s details as prompted. We then process the transaction and funds are deposited into your account.

What is a payment gateway?
A payment gateway acts as an online version of a Chip & Pin machine. It is through the gateway that your card payments are processed and authorised. Customers enter their card details on your site and, via the gateway, these details are passed on to IOCSave for security checks and authorisation.

About IOCsave

We offer the most competitive rates in Ireland, our customer service is second to none, plus, the most important reason... We take care of your payments leaving you to take care of your business.

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