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The Best Merchant Services Provider in Ireland - Why People Choose IOC Save.

We Are Secure, Reliable, and Low Cost

IOC Save was created to help Irish SME's to save money on credit and debit car transaction fees. As Ireland's largest independent Merchant Service Provider, our number one goal has always been to provide the cheapest and highest quality credit and debit card machines in Ireland.

Partnering with 'World Pay' who are the largest payment processor in the world, we provide a selection of the most secure and reliable credit and debit card terminals available. We provide all device types needed including counter top machines, eCommerce POS systems, and portable card machines.

IOC Save are proud to represent Irish SME's, reducing payment processing costs by up to 40% for local and national businesses across the country.

Why Choose IOC Save?

We Can Provide the Lowest Cost Merchant Service Fees in Ireland


lowest cost merchant services fees - woman doing account with finances and laptop

As the largest independent merchant services company in Ireland, we've positioned ourselves to save our clients up to 40% on credit and debit card transaction fees. Our customers recommend us for our considerable cost savings, excellent communication, and ease of transition from previous merchant services provider.

"We are delighted with the cost savings of over 40% and the hassle free transition from our previous provider. We would recommend their services" (City Vets, Waterford)

We Are Focused on Our Customers

Great customer service with IOC Save - customer and company handshake

We are there when you need us. At IOC Save, we understand that SME's are the life blood of the economy. That's why we focus on providing excellent customer service and support to our customers every day. We are available when you need us and we're focused on making life as easy for you as possible with low fees and easy access to support where needed.

"IOCsave have been a pleasure to deal with, from the cheerful back office, any request is met promptly and with efficiency. The cost savings have been impressive and our experience is so much better than other merchant service companies. You can have every confidence and trust in all their service." (Tannery, Dungarvan, Waterford)

We Are Independent, Reliable and Transparent 

Transparent and reliable customer services

Being independent of often 'closed-door' banks and partnering with the worlds largest payment processor 'World Pay', gives IOC Save the ability to provide a higher level of transparent customer-oriented service.

We've designed our business to be clear and reliable when it comes to fees, processes and customer service. Security and value are at our core and we focus on deliver on this every single day.

"The personal service, diligence and integrity of ÍOCsave and it's personnel surpasses any experience I have had previously. I easily recommend ÍOCsave." (Carry Out, Tramore, Co. Waterford)

Technology and Security is Important

When it comes to technology and security, there aren't many industries that require the best in technology and security, than the payment processing industry.

importance of technology with payment processing - hand and keyboard


It is incredibly important to ensure payment security and reliability at all stages of the transaction. SME's need to know that their customer's details are safe when making a purchase, and remain completely confident that funds will arrive safe and sound to their bank accounts in a timely manner.

As tech-thieves work on the weakest providers in an effort to break the system, payment processing technology needs to stay ahead of the curve to ensure consistent, reliable and secure payment processing for business and customers.

Working with our payment processing partner, World Pay  we provide:

  • Upfront and simple pricing
  • Reliable advanced fraud protection
  • Accept secure and low cost payments at your premises or online


Technology moves fast. The payment processing industry is no different. New methods of payment are being designed regularly and customers today are actively ready to try new ways to pay.

Whether it's contactless payments, Apple Pay, Google Pay, chip & pin credit and debit cards, or the next big thing - IOC Save provide the best in card terminals, and payment processing technology to ensure you can accept payments from all your customers. 

IOC Save offers card readers and POS systems to suit all requirements. Choose your payment system based on your needs. Whether you take payments online, at a brick and mortar premise, or require a portable card machine for on-the-go mobile transactions, IOC Save can provide a suitable device, with transparent and across the board savings of us to 40% compared to other merchant service providers.

We Offer a Free Detailed Cost Saving Analyses

We're always ready to provide you with a free no-obligation cost saving analyses. Our experts can show you exactly how much you're spending on credit and debit card transactions currently and more importantly, how much you could be saving.

Save up to 40% on Card Transactions!

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About IOCsave

We offer the most competitive rates in Ireland, our customer service is second to none, plus, the most important reason... We take care of your payments leaving you to take care of your business.

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