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ÍOCPay Digital Payment Platform for Businesses

Why SMEs should choose ÍOCPay?

Small and medium sized businesses still lack digital payment options and struggle to get paid. ÍOCPay helps you to get paid faster with a suite of new digital payment options.

Why use ÍOCPay?

Some of the features and add-ons

  • Payment Link: take payment via simple link (no hardware required) -
  • Send Payment Requests: send requests via SMS & email with automated reminder sequences
  • Small Online Shop: sell any products or services with ease, with a simple one-step checkout process
  • Recurring Payments: take recurring payments (weekly, monthly, annually)
  • Payment Plans: offer customised payment plans (e.g. arrears and / or recurring contracts)
  • Payment Channels: create multiple links for different use cases (departments, campaigns, A/B split testing) )
  • Custom Data Fields: add additional fields to your payment link to capture additional information
  • Branding: Brand your account, select background images, add your logo, change colour scheme etc.
  • Multiple Users: provide unique logins for staff based on their allowed permissions/control
  • Payments App: take or request payment on the go from our mobile app

If you think ÍOCPay can help your business...

Book a demo

One of our sales experts will take you through the products and its benefits at a time that suits you.

Learn more about the product

Find out more about the products features and benefits at our IOC Pay website

About IOCsave

We offer the most competitive rates in Ireland, our customer service is second to none, plus, the most important reason... We take care of your payments leaving you to take care of your business.

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