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Processing a Refund

1. At the READY prompt, press the MENU button.
2. Using the key highlight REFUND and then press the GREEN button.
3. Either key in the amount of refund transaction and then press GREEN button or swipe/insert card in the terminal and then key in the refund amount.

If performing a swiped transaction, your terminal may prompt you to enter the last four digits of the card number. If so, key in the last four digits of the customer’s card number and press the GREEN button.

The terminal will check the card. If a customer presents a card that supports multiple card schemes, they may be required to choose which card scheme to use.

You may be prompted to either swipe your Supervisor Card or key in your Supervisor code.
PIN entry is not required on refunds. The transaction will proceed as a signature verified sale.

(Please refer to 'Processing Sales' page for instructions on how to complete a Sale.)

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