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Purchase with Cashback

This menu option only needs to be used to provide Cashback when normal Sale transactions are performed with a gratuity Selecting this option allows a transaction to be carried out with Cashback instead of with gratuity. 

PLEASE NOTE: Only certain types of debit cards allow Purchase with Cashback.

1. At the READY prompt, press the MENU button.

2. Using the  'Down Arrow' key highlight PURCHASE WITH CASHBACK and then press the GREEN button.

3. Either key in the sale amount and then press the GREEN button, or swipe/insert card in the terminal and then key in the sale amount.

4. Key in the amount of cashback required and then press the GREEN button.

The transaction will now continue as a normal sale transaction. Please refer to Section 6 of this guide for how to complete a Sale transaction.

PLEASE NOTE: The full card number may not be printed on the merchant’s receipt depending on the terminal configuration.

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